Tuesday, March 24, 2009


* China calls for new reserve currency China's central bank on Monday proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

* At G20, Kremlin to Pitch New Currency The Kremlin published its priorities Monday for an upcoming meeting of the G20, calling for the creation of a supranational reserve currency.

* 'Iranian missile threat exaggerated' A candidate for a top nonproliferation post in the Obama administration played down on Monday the threat from Iran's long-range missile program.

* New status in Africa empowers an ever-eccentric Qaddafi Forty years after he seized power in a bloodless coup d'├ętat, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the Libyan leader once called the mad dog of the Middle East by President Ronald Reagan, has achieved the international status he always craved, as chairman of the African Union.

* Barak 'agrees to Likud coalition' Israel's Labour leader Ehud Barak has reached a provisional deal with PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu on forming a coalition.

* Israelis Track the Case of the Exploding Star and the Black Hole Scientists from the Rehovot-based Weizmann Institute have participated in the first-ever study of the world’s largest exploding star.

* Sunni fighters, key to stability, grow restive The American military marked another milestone the other day in the initiative perhaps most responsible for taming the violence in Iraq.

* Serbia marks bombing anniversary Air raid sirens have sounded and church bells have rung across Serbia as the country marks 10 years since the start of Nato's bombing campaign.

* After years of plenty, Russia returns to earth After years of coasting on high commodity prices, the Russian government is now acknowledging it will need to get by on a much diminished revenue stream for the foreseeable future.

* A religious war within the Israeli Army The publication late last week of eyewitness accounts by Israeli soldiers alleging acute mistreatment of Palestinian civilians in the recent Gaza fighting highlights a debate here about the rules of war.

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