Saturday, February 28, 2009


* No deal in Israel coalition talks Israel's prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu says talks to include the centrist Kadima party in a coalition have ended without agreement.

* Netanyahu: Palestinians should govern their own lives, but not threaten ours Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu says he believes in the Palestinians' right to self governance.

* Obama outlines Iraq pullout plan President Barack Obama has announced the withdrawal of most US troops in Iraq by the end of August 2010.

* Nasrallah's deputy: Hizbullah prepared for another conflict with Israel Hizbullah is prepared for the possibility of another armed conflict with Israel.

* East-West divide plagues Europe European leaders are converging on Brussels this weekend for yet another "emergency" economic summit meeting.

* Vatican rejects bishop's apology The Vatican has rejected an apology by a British bishop who denied the full extent of the Holocaust.

* Russian bomber neared Canada before Obama visit Canadian fighters planes scrambled to intercept an approaching Russian bomber less than 24 hours before U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Ottawa last week.

* Clinton: Hamas must recognize Israel Egyptian-brokered efforts to bring about reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah will only work if the Islamic group recognizes Israel.

* US may boycott racism conference The US is likely to boycott a UN racism conference, reports suggest, saying a text drawn up for the event criticises Israel and restricts freedom of speech.

* Russia's Putin warns against economic protests Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned opposition critics on Friday not to use the economic crisis as an excuse to challenge his government and told them to abide by the law.

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