Friday, February 13, 2009


* Results confirm Israeli deadlock The final results of Israel's general election have confirmed that neither of the two main parties can form a government on its own.

* Cyprus unloads suspect cargo on Iran ship Cyprus unloaded a cargo of banned weapons-related material on Friday off a ship from Iran found to be in violation of UN arms sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

* Global economy top threat to U.S., spy chief warns The new director of national intelligence told Congress on Thursday that global economic turmoil and the instability it could ignite had outpaced terrorism.

* Russia may finally get its ME summit While not enthused at this time about any international peace conference, Israel would prefer that - if one becomes inevitable - it be hosted by Russia.

* Hamas 'set for truce with Israel' A long-term truce between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel may be announced within days.

* N. Korea reportedly assembling advanced long-range missile North Korea appears to be assembling its most advanced long-range missile and could conduct a test launch this month.

* Israel: Two-thirds of Palestinians killed in Gaza fighting were terrorists Israel says that about two-thirds of the Palestinians who were killed in the Gaza fighting were members of terror organizations who took part in the fighting.

* Russian warship seizes 3 pirate ships off Somalia A Russian nuclear-powered warship has captured 10 pirates in three ships off the coast of Somalia.

* Israel warns of harsh response to any attack by Hezbollah Israel warned Hezbollah this week that it will respond harshly to any attempt to down an Israel Air Force jet over Lebanon.

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