Wednesday, February 04, 2009


* Moscow welcomes President Obama's plan for cut in nuclear weapons Russia moved swiftly today to extend a hand to President Obama over American plans for big cuts in nuclear weapons.

* Dark anniversary The Islamic Republic of Iran was established 30 years ago. That black day in history should, perhaps, have been marked last month.

* 'Holocaust bishop' told to recant The Vatican has ordered an ultra-traditionalist bishop to publicly recant his views denying the Holocaust.

* 'Increase Iran sanctions over satellite' Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday cautioned that the satellite launched into orbit by Iran on Tuesday proved its military potential.

* AU summit extended amid divisions An African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia has been extended to a fourth day amid disagreements on the issue of creating a United States of Africa.

* Obama, Mideast and Islam - an initial assessment Why, just two weeks into a 209-week term, assess a new American president's record on so esoteric a subject as the Middle East and Islam?

* Iran satellite move sparks fears Western powers have expressed serious concerns after Iran launched its first domestically-made satellite into orbit.

* China offers aid to impoverished NKorea North Korea's state media said Wednesday that China has offered Pyongyang aid.

* France and Germany call for stronger EU-NATO ties "Real co-operation" between the European Union and NATO, as well as a closer EU – US coordination on security issues and improved relations with Russia are needed.

* Israel fears Syria might aid Hizbullah Israel is concerned that Syria will transfer anti-aircraft missiles to Hizbullah in Lebanon while the IDF is preoccupied with the escalation in violence in the Gaza Strip.

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