Saturday, January 17, 2009


* Israel 'to announce ceasefire' he Israeli cabinet is set to back an end to offensive military activities in the Gaza Strip, three weeks after attacks began.

* Mubarak calls for end to IDF Gaza op Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday demanded that Israel immediately end its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

* US intel chief: Iran threat biggest worry Iran producing a nuclear weapon and a cyber attack on critical government or private computer networks top the list of concerns nagging at National Intelligence Director Michael McConnell.

* Hamas insists it will continue battle Hamas reiterated its determination to continue its attacks against Israel despite the possibility of an Israeli cabinet decision on Saturday night to accept a unilateral cease-fire.

* Obama to Appoint Middle East Crisis Team on 'Day One' United States President-elect Barack Obama said he will appoint a team immediately after his inauguration.

* 'Last chance' gas talks in Moscow The prime ministers of Russia and Ukraine are meeting in Moscow in an effort to end the dispute disrupting supplies of Russian gas to Europe.

* Arabs lost 2.5 trillion dollars from credit crunch: Kuwait Arab investors have lost 2.5 trillion dollars from the credit crunch.

* North Korea says it has 'weaponized' its plutonium The North Korean military declared an "all-out confrontational posture" against South Korea.

* Officials: 2 million to show up to see Obama being sworn in Based on their latest estimates, congressional officials organizing next week's presidential inaugural expect 2 million people to brave extra-long security lines in the bitter cold.

* Iranian cleric calls for shooting Livni A high-level Iranian cleric has called for the shooting of the Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in a speech before worshippers.

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