Monday, December 08, 2008


* Hajj pilgrims stone devil, celebrate feast The young Iranian threw stones at symbols of the devil Monday and had his beloved black locks shorn to symbolize rejection of temptation and a new, purified self.

* Iran rejects Obama's policy Iran has denied that President-elect Obama's policy of economic incentives and additional sanctions would persuade the Iranian government to change.

* Hamas cooperating with Muslim Brothers London-based al-Hayat quotes Cairo source as saying Palestinian organization, Egyptian opposition movement holding talks in bid to organize worldwide protests against Gaza blockade

* Blair Says Olmert, Abbas Reached Secret Agreement Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair said that outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Abbas have reached a secret but unsigned agreement.

* EU presidency to boost ties with Israel The Czech government says it wants to boost the European Union's ties with Israel once it assumes the bloc's presidency in January.

* EU to begin Somali pirate patrols European Union warships and aircraft are due to launch anti-piracy patrols off the Somali coast.

* Sarkozy and UK PM in economy talks French President Nicolas Sarkozy is meeting Gordon Brown at Downing Street for talks on what more can be to stimulate the global economy.

* Iran tests new missile from warship Iran's military test-fired a new surface-to-surface missile from a warship as part of exercises along a strategic shipping route.

* Aliyah Fairs Encouraged by Economic Crisis The current global economic crisis has spurred interest in immigration to Israel, according to the Jewish Agency for Israel.

* Israel's push for Iran strike may hurt U.S. ties Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Carter adviser, said Israel will harm to its relations with the US if it insists on lobbying for an American military strike on Iran.

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