Wednesday, July 02, 2008


* 'US won't let Iran close Hormuz Strait' The US Navy and its Gulf allies will not allow Iran to seal off the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

* Iran says any attack would provoke fierce reaction Any attack on Iran would provoke an unimaginably fierce response and add to further turmoil to the already seething oil market.

* Third Temple preparations begin with priestly garb Wearing a turban and a light blue tunic threaded with silver, a man stands in a workshop in Jerusalem's Old City.

* Ex-intelligence official: World expects Israel to bomb Iran The West believes that Israel is aware of the magnitude of the Iranian nuclear threat and assumes that the Jewish state will bomb Iran.

* Turkey's Political Battle Enters Court In the latest twist in Turkey's major political battle between secularists and the moderate Islamist government, police arrested suspected anti-government nationalists.

* Direct Syria-Israel talks imminent, Turkish officials say Sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry estimate that direct peace negotiations between Israel and Syria will follow the next round of indirect talks between the countries.

* Bulldozer driver shot dead after going on rampage in capital Three people were killed and 57 were wounded - one seriously, one moderately and the rest lightly - on Wednesday afternoon.

* Deadly Jerusalem bulldozer attack A Palestinian has driven a bulldozer into a bus and several cars in Jerusalem, killing three people, before being shot dead.

* Palestinians storm Rafah crossing Hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have stormed the Egyptian gate at the Rafah crossing, clashing with security forces.

* Sarkozy's EU presidency off to shaky start France's six-month European Union presidency got off to a shaky start amid bickering between the bloc's trade chief and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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