Saturday, June 28, 2008


* 'Israel cannot stop our nuclear program' Israel is no match for Iran and cannot stop its nuclear program, Revolutionary Guards commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said in an interview to Iranian daily Jam-e Jam Saturday.

* UNSC to discuss W. Bank construction Libya presented a document calling for "an immediate and complete end" to the building and expansion of settlements in the West Bank to the United Nations Security Council, Friday.

* 'IAF only air force to hit 2 reactors' Israel has carried out military strikes against two nuclear sites, President Shimon Peres boasted on Thursday, saying "this is the only air force in the world that has such an achievement."

* North Korea destroys most visible nuclear symbol North Korea destroyed the most visible symbol of its nuclear weapons program Friday, blasting the cooling tower at its main atomic reactor into a cloud of white and gray smoke as a sign of its commitment to stop making plutonium for atomic bombs.

* Enough Rope for Russia Vladimir Putin's switch from running Russia as its president to running Russia as its prime minister has changed traffic patterns here but little else.

* US report says Taliban has 'regrouped' A new US Defense Department report says the Taliban has regrouped after its initial fall from power in Afghanistan.

* US doubts over NK nuclear plans There are still questions surrounding North Korea's nuclear bomb-making programme, according to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

* Kosovo Serbs launch new assembly Serbs in Kosovo are holding the inaugural session of an assembly set up in defiance of the majority ethnic Albanian government and the UN.

* Rafsanjani to West: You're small, Iran is large Tehran unimpressed by latest calls for suspension of uranium enrichment; ex-President Rafsanjani tells G8 'this type of doublespeak will not help youÉyou are too small to use this type of language. Iran is a large country.'

* The French connection On December 15, 1947, at approximately 1:45 P.M., about 20 fighters of the Haganah - the pre-state underground Jewish militia - seized a British truck south of Acre.

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