Tuesday, June 17, 2008


* Egypt, Hamas, PA confirm Gaza truce to start Thursday at 6 a.m. A Hamas spokesman said Tuesday that his was committed to an Egyptian-mediated truce deal with Israel.

* French defence to counter terror Terrorism is the main threat facing France and its defence system needs to change to reflect that.

* 'Israel, Syria making progress in talks' Indirect peace talks between Israel and Syria are making progress and both sides agreed to two more rounds under Turkish mediation next month.

* France refuses EU treaty revision The European Union must not embark on drafting a new treaty after Irish voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty.

* Rabbis against Pride Parade: God is testing us Jerusalem's Open House announces city's Pride Parade to be held next week.

* Tourism to Israel breaks all-time record in May Nearly 300,000 tourists visited Israel in May, an all-time record.

* Ramon: Truce a victory for radical Islam Objecting to the ceasefire: Vice Premier Haim Ramon said Tuesday evening that he opposes the Gaza Strip truce agreement.

* EU unanimously upgrades Israel ties, turning aside PA objections The European Union, turning aside Palestinian objections, has announced upgraded relations with Israel.

* Iran insists nuclear suspension a 'red line' Iran on Tuesday insisted any demands it should suspend sensitive atomic activities would cross its "red line".

* Jerusalem hotel proprietor Valentine Vester dies Valentine Vester, who witnessed history as the proprietor of one of the Middle East's most storied hotels, has died. She was 96.

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