Tuesday, May 27, 2008


* 'Resistance has dispirited Zionists' Palestinians' strong resistance has completely dispirited Zionists, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

* Syrian minister signs defense agreement with Iran during Tehran visit Syria and Iran on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding regarding defense issues.

* 61 MKs back bill against Golan withdrawal A multi-party bill designed to make it harder for the government to cede the Golan Heights to Syria received an initial promise of 61 signatures.

* Expert: Golan Will Become Crowded Terror Base Arab affairs expert Dr. Guy Bechor of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya estimates that a "Golan for peace" deal will net Israel, in the long run, anything but peace.

* IDF considers creating Gaza Strip buffer zone In an effort to minimize chances of successful terrorist attacks against Israel, the IDF is drawing up plans to move the Gaza crossings away from Israel's border.

* Iran 'defying UN' on nuclear work Iran is continuing to defy UN demands that it suspend uranium enrichment, the UN atomic watchdog has said.

* Aftershocks demolish China homes Two further aftershocks have destroyed more than 420,000 houses in the Chinese region hit by a massive earthquake two weeks ago.

* Abbas meets with Hamas reps in surprise move In a surprise move, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met late Monday night with a senior Hamas delegation in his office in Ramallah.

* 'Eastern Partnership' could lead to enlargement, Poland says Poland and Sweden have officially tabled proposals for an "Eastern Partnership" between the EU and its neighbours Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

* Iranian aid seen growing among militants on Israel's flanks Rockets and weapons bearing signs of Iranian paint, lettering and serial numbers are making their way into the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

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