Saturday, May 24, 2008


* Syria refuses to sever ties with Iran A Syrian government paper rejects Israel's demand that Damascus should cut its ties with Iran and Arab militant groups.

* ANC call to 'retake the streets' The secretary general of South Africa's governing ANC has called on party members to form local committees to combat violence against foreigners.

* 'Olmert too weak to talk with Syria' Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is too weak to take the necessary steps for peace with Syria.

* China, Russia sign bln-dlr nuclear deal: official China and Russia on Friday signed a one-billion-dollar deal to expand a nuclear energy facility in the Asian nation.

* Ahmadinejad 'displeased' by talks Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has expressed surprise and displeasure at Syria's "violation of its commitment to Iran" by holding talks with Israel.

* Ban praises China quake response UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised China's "extraordinary leadership" in dealing with the recent earthquake in Sichuan.

* Medvedev Says China, Russia to Play Key Role in World Security Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said his country and China will work together to shape global security even if other powers don't approve.

* Lebanese await 'savior' president The Lebanese are looking at their next head of state, who will finally be elected in parliament on Sunday.

* Time is ripe for EU-wide nuclear safety rules, Brussels says Brussels has called on EU member states to end the six-year deadlock over one of Europe's touchiest topics.

* 'World's biggest PA flag' displayed in Syria Thousands of Palestinians and members of Syria-based radical Palestinian groups have put on a display what they claim to be the world's largest Palestinian Authority flag.

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