Thursday, May 08, 2008


* 'There is no nation like Israel' Remembrance Day for the Fallen, a somber 24 hours of visits to cemeteries, tales of survivors and sad recollections of wartime losses, gave way Wednesday evening to the celebration of Israel's 60th Independence Day.

* UN aid flights to Burma under way The UN says its first aid flight has now arrived in Burma, bringing much needed relief to up to one million people made homeless by Cyclone Nargis.

* Blair: Mideast peace process must move faster Quartet envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair said Thursday that the Mideast peace process needs to move faster.

* Hizbullah blocks roads, airport in protest against Lebanese government Explosions and gunfire rang out across the Lebanese capital Wednesday as Hizbullah backers trying to enforce a strike against the US-backed government clashed with government supporters.

* Putin confirmed as new Russian PM Russia's parliament has overwhelmingly approved former President Vladimir Putin as the new prime minister.

* 'Syrian-Israeli meeting fell through' A Turkish initiative to hold a meeting between Israeli and Syrian officials fell through.

* British PM: Israel's creation one of the 20th century's 'greatest achievements' British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday congratulated Israel on its 60th anniversary of independence.

* Official: No 3-way talks for Bush visit US President Bush's second trip to the Mideast this year, designed in part to make progress toward a peace deal before the end of his presidency, will not see him hosting a joint session.

* Days of Our Lives: 1948-2008 Six decades of Israeli history as seen in photographs from private albums.

* Some Kadima MKs slam Olmert, seek new leader After another day of rampant rumors concerning the latest criminal investigation into Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, members of the prime minister's own party openly criticized Kadima's top man.

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