Friday, April 04, 2008


* Israel assures Syria it doesn't seek war As the IDF maintains its high level of alert along the northern border, defense officials revealed on Thursday that in recent weeks the air force has increased the number of times it has had to scramble jets.

* U.K. Foreign Sec.: Israel's future depends on Palestinian statehood British Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Wednesday praised Israel's achievements over the 60 years of its existence.

* 'Iran assembles advanced centrifuges' Diplomats say Iran has assembled hundreds of advanced machines in an attempt to speed up a process in its nuclear program.

* Putin holds 'positive' Nato talks Russian President Vladimir Putin has described as positive his talks with Nato leaders at a summit in Romania.

* Moallem: Syria willing to renew talks Syria is willing to renew peace negotiations with Israel, but only "if Israel shows seriousness."

* EU wants 'targeted deepening of relations' with neighbours The EU wants to "deepen" its ties with four of its neighbours - Ukraine, Moldova, Morocco and Israel.

* Nationwide drill to simulate missile attack Schools from kindergarten through 12th grade will participate in a nationwide Home Front drill simulating a surprise missile attack next week.

* Iraqi PM freezes raids targeting militia Iraq's prime minister on Friday ordered a nationwide freeze on raids against suspected Shiite militants.

* Hamas: Avi Dichter was target of Gazan sniper Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida announced Friday afternoon that militant sniper fire that wounded Public Security Minister Avi Dichter's bureau chief.

* IDF removes 10 roadblocks in W. Bank The IDF removed 10 dirt mound roadblocks in the West Bank on Thursday.

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