Tuesday, March 11, 2008


* Defense official: Hizbullah ready to fight Israel The Hizbullah organization has completed its military and logistic preparations for a confrontation with Israel.

* PM: No ceasefire talks with Hamas The IDF will continue striking at Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip identified as planning or perpetrating a terror attack against Israel.

* Israel cements ownership of Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City More than 40 years after it gained control of East Jerusalem, the State of Israel is now registering Jewish-owned property in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter.

* Arab leader denies temple ever existed The al-Aqsa mosque was never the site of a Jewish temple, Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, said.

* Israeli Intel report paints grim picture Israel's intelligence community painted a bleak picture of threats facing the Jewish state.

* Sarkozy urges Israel to halt West Bank 'colonization' Israel's security depends upon a halt to "colonization" in the West Bank, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy said.

* EU must boost military capabilities in face of climate change The European Union should boost its civil and military capacities to respond to "serious security risks".

* US, UN, EU, deplore Givat Ze'ev project The UN, the EU and the US on Monday deplored Israel's plans to build some 400 new homes in the Givat Ze'ev settlement.

* Our years on Earth are numbered - all 7.59 billion of them In the end, there will not even be fragments. If nature is left to its own devices, about 7.59 billion years from now Earth will be dragged from its orbit by an engorged red Sun.

* Bush sends Cheney to meet PM, Abbas US Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to take Jerusalem to task for settlement construction.

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