Thursday, February 21, 2008


* Ashkenazi warns of war on the horizon IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi warned the army on Wednesday to be ready for a new conflagration in the region.

* Saudi Arabian Bankers Fueling Global Islamic Jihad Rachel Ehrenfeld, Director of the American Center for Democracy, said at the Jerusalem Conference Tuesday that Saudi Arabian bankers are the main financiers of global terrorism.

* Barak to Assad: We'll escalate fight against Hizbullah Defense Minister Ehud Barak conveyed a message to Syria during his visit to Turkey earlier this month, stating that Israel might escalate its military battle against Hizbullah and Hamas.

* Iranian official: Countdown to Israel's destruction has begun Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Hadad has warned that the "countdown to Israel's destruction has begun."

* Map pinpoints disease 'hotspots' A detailed map highlighting the world's hotspots for emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) has been released.

* Lebanon crisis threatens Arab League summit A conference of the Arab League scheduled for next month may be jeopardized if the power vacuum in Lebanon is not resolved.

* US 'confident' over satellite hit The US is confident that its shooting down of a disabled spy satellite with a missile managed to destroy its potentially toxic fuel tank.

* MEPs vote in favour of EU treaty Deputies in the European Parliament have voted strongly in favour of the EU's latest treaty.

* Homosexual activity cause of earthquake, Shas MK says The recent earthquake that was felt across Israel was the result of the "homosexual activity practiced in the country".

* Serbian FM says he is ashamed by EU's actions on Kosovo Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic has spoken to the European Parliament about the disappointment Serbs feel about the EU member states.

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