Saturday, February 02, 2008


* I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Blair Tony Blair has been holding discussions with some of his oldest allies on how he could mount a campaign later this year to become full-time president of the EU council.

* Egypt to close Rafah; Hamas says it will cooperate Egypt has decided to close its breached border with Gaza on Sunday, and Hamas will not stand in the way.

* Violence follows Kenya peace plan More than 20 people have died in fresh violence in western Kenya, since Friday's agreement by government and opposition on a framework peace plan.

* Iraq set for new offensive in Mosul Iraqi political and military leaders and senior U.S. military commanders have traveled to Mosul ahead of a planned offensive in the volatile northern Iraqi city.

* New cable cut compounds net woes A submarine cable in the Middle East has been snapped, adding to global net problems caused by breaks in two lines under the Mediterranean on Wednesday.

* Israelis told to prepare 'rocket rooms' for war Retired senior officers told Israelis on Saturday to prepare "rocket rooms" as protection against a rain of missiles expected to be fired at the Jewish state in any future conflict.

* Chad rebels fight inside capital Thousands of rebels have entered Chad's capital N'Djamena and say they have surrounded the presidential palace.

* Brussels watches as Serbs head to polls Serbians will on Sunday elect their new president, in a choice between current pro-Western leader Boris Tadic and his nationalist and eurosceptic opponent Tomislav Nikolic.

* Russia launches race for Kremlin Russia's presidential election campaign will officially begin shortly, with first deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev the clear favourite to win.

* Poland 'agrees' to host US shield Poland and the US have reached an agreement in principle to install a controversial American missile defence system on Polish soil.

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