Saturday, January 26, 2008


* Egypt watches Gaza traffic go on Thousands of Gazans have poured into Egypt for a fourth day, despite Egyptian attempts to reseal the border.

* Hamas keeps open Rafah crossing Thousands of Palestinians are continuing to cross in and out of Egypt after Hamas defied Egyptian attempts to reseal the border with Gaza and used bulldozers to smash through the barrier.

* Abbas: No talks with Hamas despite Gaza border chaos Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday stuck to his tough conditions for resuming contacts with Hamas.

* Pakistan says nuke arsenal is safe Pakistan is increasingly alert to the possible threat of Islamic extremists seeking control of its nuclear weapons.

* Mottaki: Iran isn't threatening Israel, doesn't want nukes "Iran is not threatening Israel and does not want nuclear weapons.

* EU far-right groups to form party Far-right political leaders from four EU nations have unveiled plans to form a pan-European "patriotic" party.

* U.S. Race Captures World’s Eye, and Holds It To look at the reams of coverage in newspapers outside the United States or to follow the hours of television news broadcasts, you might conclude that foreigners had a vote in selecting an American presidential candidate.

* Jordanians rally in support of Hamas in Gaza Chanting slogans urging Islamist Hamas militants to resume suicide bombings against Israel, thousands of Jordanians marched in the capital.

* In remembrance of Holocaust, UN chief Ban says 'never again' Days before the United Nations General Assembly observes the third annual day to commemorate victims of the Holocaust, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday called on the world never to let it happen again.

* Iran Reports 7th Shipment of Russian Nuclear Fuel Iran's official news agency says the country has received a seventh shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia for its first atomic power plant.

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