Saturday, December 08, 2007


* Iranian letter accuses US of spying on its nuclear activity Iran has sent an accusatory letter to the United States, accusing it of spying on Iranian nuclear activity.

* EU host hails 'summit of equals' The host of the first meeting of EU and African leaders for seven years has described their gathering as a "summit of equals".

* Sneh: US intel report on Iran 'flawed' A US intelligence report that says Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 is flawed.

* Lebanon presidential vote postponed Parliament on Friday again failed to meet on electing a new president, as Lebanon's factions deadlocked over a tangle of issues.

* 'Nothing can stop Har Homa construction' Nothing can prevent the new construction in Har Homa since it is within the municipal borders of the capital.

* Iran threatens Mid-East, US says US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has warned that Iran still poses a serious threat to the Middle East and the US.

* New Settlement Bid a Maccabean Effort Looking to the Maccabees for inspiration on how to respond to the events of today, activists will settle eight more hilltops Sunday.

* Serbia calls for more Kosovo talks in Belgrade Serb Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica on Saturday warned Kosovo Albanians against an "illegal" declaration of independence.

* Poll: Few West Bank settlers willing to leave homes for cash Only a small minority of settlers would leave their West Bank homes voluntarily if the government were to pay them compensation.

* 'Al Quds': Gaza groups weigh cease-fire Fears of an IDF incursion into Gaza have prompted top officials from Palestinian factions to hold a series of intensive meetings in Damascus.

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