Tuesday, November 13, 2007


* Abbas to Peres: Israel can live in sea of peace Abbas spoke at a joint press conference with his Israeli counterpart, Shimon Peres, in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

* Turkey 'bombs PKK Iraq targets' Turkish military helicopters have bombed suspected Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq, Iraqi officials have said.

* Israel to hold major war games in West Bank The Israeli army said on Tuesday it is to launch a major military exercise across the occupied West Bank simulating its response to an outbreak of Palestinian violence.

* Bhutto calls on Musharraf to quit Pakistan's detained opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has called for President Pervez Musharraf to step down.

* President Peres: 'Turkey arouses trust, Iran arouses fear' "Turkey arouses trust, Iran arouses fear," said President Shimon Peres in an address to Turkey's parliament.

* Saudi oil minister rejects Opec raise Saudi Arabia on Monday made clear Opec would not announce a production increase at this weekend’s Riyadh summit.

* Bishops barred from Western Wall No crosses at the Western Wall was the message sent by a rabbi to a group of Austrian Catholic bishops who refused to hide their Christian crosses before entering the courtyard of the Western Wall.

* Putin says December poll will give him more clout President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday he expected a parliamentary election on December 2 to give him a "moral right" to influence Russian politics.

* Settlement Freeze: Not Just a Tactic, But Full-Fledged Policy Prime Minister Olmert, for the first time since entering office, met this afternoon (Tuesday) in Jerusalem with top Yesha Council representatives.

* French EU presidency to push for defence integration France will next year push for a Europe of defence, proposing Brussels-based EU planning staff, exchanges between professional soldiers and a harmonization of military education.

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