Saturday, October 20, 2007


* 'Iran capable of firing 11,000 rockets into bases if attacked' Iran is capable of firing 11,000 rockets into enemy bases within the first minute after any possible attack.

* Pakistan rejects Bhutto accusations Pakistan's deputy information minister has dismissed accusations that officials may have been complicit in an attempt to kill Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister.

* 'Syria dismantling nuclear facility' Syria has begun dismantling the remains of a what American and foreign officials suspect was a nuclear facility targeted by Israel in an air strike in September.

* Talabani chides Syria over Kurds Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has criticised Syria for its support for a possible Turkish intervention against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

* 'Israel had mole inside Syrian facility' Israel obtained detailed photographs from inside an alleged Syrian nuclear facility prior to carrying out an air strike on September 6.

* Blair gets early backing in race to be EU's first president Tony Blair, the Mideast envoy for the Quartet, got early backing from the British and French leaders at the end of an EU summit on Friday to become the European Union's first-ever full-time president.

* Ahmadinejad accepts Larijani resignation The top negotiator of Iran's controversial nuclear program, Ali Larijani, has resigned, the country's government spokesman said.

* G7 concerned over global growth Finance officials from the rich nations have warned that recent financial market upheaval, high energy costs and weaknesses in the US housing sector will slow global growth.

* EU agrees new 'Lisbon Treaty' The European Union has overnight agreed the precise text of its new 'Lisbon Treaty' to be formally signed off on 13 December in the Portuguese capital.

* China's Hu in control of rapidly modernising military After five years in power, President Hu Jintao has finally gained unquestioned control of China's massive military.

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